Moving Forward. Embracing Change. Delivering Results.

Our approach to High Impact Coaching is all about Action. Executives who engage us as their personal coach find that we get their personal challenges quickly and devise a plan of action to get the desired results. Working alongside you, challenging you, we have the courage to be straight with you and tell you what others may not. Together, we remain focused on the windshield ahead, not the rear view mirror.

executive coaching at high impact

A Customized, Fluid Approach

Every engagement is as different as the executives we coach. We value highly what makes a person unique and draw it out to be owned proudly, and then maximize and leverage that uniqueness throughout the engagement. We build a personalized plan and remain flexible throughout the engagement as we learn and grow together.

How It Works

We start by assessing the current situation – where you are now, what brought you to consider coaching in the first place, what problems you are trying to solve, what breakthroughs you wish to achieve. This stage of the engagement is data rich, using tools and resources to build the baseline.

Once we have the foundation and the objective insight to the unique individual, we build a roadmap to get you where you desire to be. With the concrete action steps to get you there, leveraging your strengths while mitigating the roadblocks, we move you to action and results.

The End Result

The end result is personal and professional transformation – with executive coaching clients having new ways of thinking, new approaches to problem solving, higher confidence and a renewed outlook for achieving long-term, sustainable results.

"Paula doubled my income with one observation and a small adjustment to my attitude. My customers now see a top Sales Person they want to do business with. The best part is I'm in year three and sales continue to increase now seven figure club is within reach thanks to Paula."

Clive Whittaker, Technology Sales & Consulting