Optimizing Authenticity in Leadership

Our approach to Leadership Development is all about Transformation. Executives who engage us for leadership development find that we work personally and intently with them to look in the mirror, see who they are today, and then optimize their strengths and talents to develop their own authentic leadership style.

Leveraging Uniqueness to the Fullest

Through a combination of assessments and self analysis, executives are able to quickly understand their strengths, weaknesses and uniqueness as their personal baseline. In personal coaching sessions they then work on the problems and opportunities to optimize their unique leadership style. Practical workshops enable them to implement the results of the assessment and coaching and gather valuable, real time feedback from their peers.

How it Works

The 2 ½ day process combines individual and group sessions. We start by assessing each individual to determine behaviors and motivators, videotaping, critiquing and interpreting their presence and communication style.

Once we have the baseline, we then move to personal coaching to incorporate input from other key stakeholders, and develop a coaching plan to work on the problems and opportunities.

The follow on workshop enables executives to "try it on" and present from the new unique leadership style in a group setting. This provides a real time opportunity to implement the results of coaching and gather critical feedback from their peers.

The End Result

The end result is leadership transformation – with executives invigorated to lead, feeling confident operating by their own strengths and own agenda, and leveraging their uniqueness to the fullest.