Working Together for a Common Goal

Our approach to Team Development is all about Cohesiveness. Executives who engage with us for team development find that we quickly get to the essence of each individual and the contribution they make to the team, and then devise the appropriate methodology to optimize how the individuals interact, communicate and perform to deliver better business results.

Facilitating Communication and Cooperation

Through one on one discussions and team building workshops, we really get to know the individual members of the team, what makes them unique, and the challenges they are facing individually and collectively. We become an extension of your team, with a vested interest in your success and bring an important perspective to raise the issues and determine the path to success. Through the process, we secure team buy-in and help members take an objective, meta view of the team to improve collaboration.

team-dev-imageHow it Works

We start by working with the sponsor to understand the goals of the team, their business objectives, and then drill down on the problems facing the team and their ability to work together. We then conduct an online assessment for each individual on the team, and spend an hour debriefing each on their individual profile, getting to know them and understanding their personal view of the challenges facing the team.

We then deliver a customized facilitated 1-2 day session with all members of the team, with the agenda focused on moving the team from "me" to the "we". With the team profile as the foundation for the discussion, we tackle each challenge and introduce the appropriate tools and models to help the team move forward in a more cohesive, collaborative and productive way.

Next steps depend upon the unique situation, but often include one on one sessions with the sponsor, some one on one coaching for individuals and regular checkpoints to review progress and ensure long-term traction.

The End Result

The end result is team transformation – with individuals seeing themselves objectively and as valued contributors to a group effort, with a renewed sense of energy, commitment and cooperation.

The Five Key Take-aways for Cultivating Coachable Teams based on a team development engagement  at a large software company and published in HRO Today. 

"You have such a genuine spirit and persona that it made it easy to sense your sincerity in the lessons you conveyed. I have to tell you that those whom you coached couldn't say enough about how impactful those sessions were (it would not be an overstatement to say they "raved" about you).

You truly have a gift and have been fortunate enough to find your niche in life"

Eric Ashlock, Senior Director, Aramark Corporation